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Malachi from Texas



from Texas

Malachi is a quiet-natured boy; he craves love, attention, and companionship. She likes everyone and wants them to like him in return. He is an intelligent child who loves to play with Legos. Malachi is highly creative. His imagination has no limits, and he is happiest when he puts his creativity to use! Malachi's latest passion is legos, spaceships, and sharks. He has a competitive edge and loves starting conversations on topics of interest. Malachi's appetite is growing, and so is his love for food. He mostly enjoys pizza and hamburgers but also makes sure to eat enough fruits and vegetables. His favorite place to eat is Chili's. He loves the idea of eating in a restaurant or ordering food to go. Malachi loves action-packed cartoons and movies, which is where he gets ideas for his acting.

Malachi will do best in a family with two parents or a single parent with a solid support structure. He thrives with structure and routine and with those who can give him attention. His parents will need to be active and open-minded to Malachi's creativity. Malachi will do best as an only child or the youngest child. If there are other children in the home, they should be older. A house without pets is recommended.

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