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Mcarthur from Texas



from Texas

Mcarthur is a very friendly and open child. He is very outgoing and kind. He is very full of energy and loves for life to be exciting! He has a positive attitude and shows promise as a leader. He is inquisitive and talkative. He enjoys receiving attention and spending time with others. He makes friends easily and develops positive relationships with the adults in his life. He loves fireworks and playing outside in the water, and playing with his toys. Mcarthur enjoys drawing and watching television as well. He enjoys school and benefits from support in school to strengthen his skills in reading, writing, and math as well as behavioral support that is needed. He is looking forward to finding his forever family.

Mcarthur's forever family will provide a place of acceptance and support where he can feel comfortable being himself and exploring his interests. His family will provide him with the support to progress with his academic achievement and behaviors in school. He will benefit from an active family who will take him places where he can try out and learn new things. Mcarthur's family will show him ways to build positive connections with others and how to set boundaries. His family will set expectations for him and help him learn positive ways to build friendships and relationships. His family will be committed and patient with him while giving him the best opportunity grow and thrive.

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