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Mercy from Texas



from Texas

Mercy is very protective of the things she loves. Being the oldest she takes on the big sister role. Mercy is very fun and friendly with others. She loves to meet new people and enjoys going on adventures. Mercy is funny and loves to be around others that share her same energy. Mercy is also goal driven she wants to be recognized for her hard work. Mercy is always thinking of ways to stand out and be better than others in her class. Mercy likes to be helpful at home and at school. She likes drawing, playing games, playing sports and being creative. Mercy is known to be very outspoken, protective and can voice her opinion in a respectful manner. She can share what she wants and how she would like to be treated.

Mercy and Rose have a strong bond. Mercy is very protective of Rose and helps her as much as she can. Rose can see that Mercy does a lot for her and she will also become very protective of Mercy. They get along great and spend most of their time laughing and watching YouTube videos. They also share the love of music and their favorite singer is Bilie Eilish. They both collet her dolls and t-shirts. They would love to attend a concert one day. The girls have had a lot of wonderful experiences during activities and outings. Their relationship to one another means a lot. They encourage each other to be better and to be strong. Rose and Mercy are truly an example of a positive and loving sisterhood.

Mercy's forever family will be fun and outgoing. Her family will be supportive and guide her in her future goal. Mercy will do well in a home where she is with other children. Mercy will do well in a home with a family that can help her engage in sports and be a typical teenage.

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