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Micheal from Texas



from Texas

Michael is a spunky and active child. He loves to run and play with his toy cars. He wants to have fun and is excited to have his first adventures with his forever family. He laughs and smiles all the time and wants to have everyone around him laughing and smiling too. He is working on talking about his feelings more openly. Michael has been participating in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu for several months now and loves it. He's very passionate about it, and if given the opportunity, he will show anyone his awesome kicks. He also enjoys playing with his action figures. On his down time, he likes playing video games, putting puzzles together, and getting cozy on the couch with popcorn for a movie night in.

Michael's forever family will be patient, loving, nurturing, and active. His forever family must be willing have contact with his other siblings. His family will have a high amount of structure. Ideally, his family will be active and keep him engaged in organized extracurricular activities, such as sports. Love is at the top of his list when thinking about what he would desire the most from his forever family. He would also love to celebrate holidays and have family time.

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