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Milachi from Texas



from Texas

Milachi is an active and adventurous young boy. He is athletic and likes to play sports. His favorite sport is football. Milachi likes the NFL football team the Kansas City Chiefs and enjoys watching them play on television. Milachi is learning to play the piano and he enjoys practicing. His favorite toys to play with are Legos and he loves to build different things with them. Milachi is a very loving and caring boy who always tries to do his best in everything that he does. Milachi does well in school and his favorite subject is Mathematics. He gets along with other children around his age range but also enjoys some alone time for himself. He enjoys playing with his friends from school. Milachi would be a wonderful addition to a loving forever family.

Milachi would benefit from a family where he can be an only child. His forever family will provide him with love, encouragement and patience. Milachi stated that he does not have a preference of either a one or two parent household. He gets along with children his own age. Milachi is open to same sex couple for adoption.

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