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Milous from Texas



from Texas

Milous is very kind and loving and enjoys spending quality time with the people that he loves. He loves listening to music from country to hip hop and R&B, which he loves to dance to. Milous likes to explore his surroundings and study things to see how they work. He enjoys spending time indoors playing video games, board games, and reading. Milous' newest interests include helping cook in the kitchen and playing soccer outside to work up an appetite for the delicious food he helped prepare. While getting to know new people, Milous prefers to engage in an activity together over having a conversation. The more Milous grows comfortable, the more he opens up and talks. Milous likes to give hugs and be close to people he builds a connection with. He would love to spend a Saturday morning watching Sponge Bob with you! Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpuryHJsYcg

Milous' forever family will be full of love, patience, and kindness. Milous needs a home that has structure and rules, but also enjoys having fun doing activities to stay busy. He will thrive in a family who is nurturing, structured, and consistent. His family must be strong advocates for the services he needs to excel at home and school. Milous' older sister is very important to him. He will need a family who supports their ongoing connection.

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