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Milous from Texas



from Texas

Milous is a smart, friendly young boy. Although he does not use words often, he loves to explore his surroundings with his hands, often fidgeting with things he finds and grabbing the hands of those in his presence for comfort. Like many children his age, he can have a short attention span. Though he is able to focus on numbers, puzzles, and games on his tablet. Milous is not fond of playing or watching sports, but he does like to go shopping. He also enjoys music and dancing, and when he knows the words to a song, he likes to sing along. His favorite thing about school is using computers. His contagious smile will light up a room. Milous likes order and for things to be in their place. He explores the world around him by touching objects, opening and closing drawers and cabinets, and checking things out. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Milous's forever family will be nurturing and provide him with a very structured environment. He will need a family that can be stern with boundaries, but loving with him. His family will be patient with him and remind him how special he is. Milous can get frustrated with himself when he gets in trouble and needs a family who will show him love, even in challenging times.