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Nathan from Texas



from Texas

Nathan is a very smart, energetic, and loving young boy who enjoys spending time with his brother, playing football, and riding his bike. He likes to be outdoors to work off his high energy level. He likes to joke and play with his brother and his friends. He enjoys playing video games, especially Fortnite and watching his favorite cartoons or movies. Nathan likes to collect Pokemon cards and is working on having a large collection to play Pokemon with his brother or his friends. Nathan's favorite foods are hot dogs, launchable, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Nathan likes going to school and learning new things and playing with his friends. He really enjoys reading and playing hide-n-seek. He enjoys taking a bath and dressing nice. Nathan likes to do things with his caregivers and his brother like eating out, going to parks or watching movies.

Durell and Nathan are both funny and lovable boys. They like to make each other laugh by telling jokes and playing outside together. Durell and Nathan are interested in sports, anime cartoons, and outdoor playing. They are both energetic and love to stay active with bike rides. Durell and Nathan are competitive and love challenging each other in sports and video games, mainly Fortnite. Durell and Nathan enjoy school, being around other kids their age, and learning new things. Durell and Nathan are a few years apart in age, but they are very bonded to each other and get along well. Durell loves his little brother, and Nathan looks up to Durell. Durell and Nathan dream of being part of a family supporting their interest in sports.

Nathan would like to be adopted by a family who will adopt him with his sibling, Durell. Nathan hopes his adoptive family is nice. Nathan would do best with a family that is active but is structured.

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