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Nayeli from Texas



from Texas

Nayeli is a "girly-girl" who is eager to join her forever family! She is full of personality, and she is loving and affectionate child. Nayeli is described by others as talkative and personable. Nayeli enjoys staying home watching movies. She also loves to put on makeup and style her hair. She cares about keeping her bedroom clean and organized, and she is helpful with chores. Some of her hobbies include swimming, shopping, drawing, listening to music, running, and playing basketball. Her favorite classes in school are math, reading, and science. She does best in school when she receives supportive services. Nayeli also likes going to theme parks, hanging out with friends, and doing family activities. Her three wishes are to be a part of a family, that this had never happened, and to be loved and respected. The one thing that makes her laugh the most is people telling jokes.

Nayeli will benefit from a family who will give her a lot of attention, support, and understanding. She wants a family who is active and will show her unconditional love. Nayeli is super hopeful about the possibility of finding her forever family!

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