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Paige from Texas



from Texas

Paige is a friendly, outgoing, and smart youth. She has a kind and compassionate personality. She tries to stay positive and enjoys laughing. Paige tries to be polite, practice positive behavior, and set a good example for her peers. She enjoys spending time with others and makes friends fairly easily. Paige has no problem engaging in and carrying on a conversation with peers and adults. She likes to stay active socially and wants to spend time in the community. Paige likes all things anime. She participates in cosplay and would love to attend a convention. Paige also enjoys coloring and drawing anime cartoons, as well as watching anime on television. She enjoys listening to music, and she will sing and dance in front of just about anyone.

Paige's family will support and understand her needs. She will benefit from a family who encourages her to participate in the things she enjoys doing and will stay active with her. Paige wants a family who will be open to her maintaining visitation with her siblings she is close to, who are not a part of this adoption. She responds well to caregivers that are kind and nurturing.

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