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Payton from Texas



from Texas

Payton is a handsome, sweet boy who is full of energy, with a big smile and an even bigger heart. He enjoys staying active and playing in games that involve physical activity, like football, frees bee, or basketball. Payton enjoys video games, playing on any gaming station, and really gets excited with remote control cars. He looks to be helpful in things like making dinner or decorating for Christmas. He needs to be loved and likes to please his caregivers. He can be described as athletic and someone who enjoys competitive sports. Peyton, like all children, makes mistakes, but he is apologetic and willing to talk about his actions. Payton is a great kid and will be a great addition to a loving and nurturing forever family.

Payton's forever family will be one who is active in sports or supportive of sports. He will do better in a home with a routine and some structure. His forever family will need to be kind, loving, and will need to have patience to get to know him. He requires a family who will be encouraging towards his interest and ensures his educational needs are being met. His forever family will make time to show him some one on one attention. His forever family will supervise him and redirect him as he makes age appropriate mistakes. He does best with frequent positive feedback for appropriate behaviors. He responds well to a predictable and structured environment. He will do well with siblings of any age but, prefers older children or some closer to his age. He has only been around smaller pets, so larger animals will need to be introduced to him slowly. His family needs to be ready to be outdoors playing often. He is an affectionate child who needs to be loved and nurtured. Payton likes animals and will do okay in a home with pets, preferably dogs. He has mentioned he isn't sure if he would like to be around large animals, like horses, but he would try but may need some time to get comfortable around them. He would really like to belong to a family where a mom can show him love, and he has a chance to learn to be a son and belong to a family.

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