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Payton from Texas



from Texas

Payton is a preteen who is full of energy, has a big smile, and a big heart. He enjoys games which involve physical activity like football or basketball, as well as video games. Payton can be very helpful and likes to help with preparing dinner or with projects around the house. He enjoys attending the Boys and Girls Club and church activities. Payton is working on improving his social skills with his peers. He is apologetic and affectionate towards others who show him affection. Payton likes animals and will do okay in a home with pets. He has mentioned he isn't sure if he would like to be around large animals, like horses. He would really like to belong to a family and has so much love to share.

Payton will do well with a family who is active, is structured, offers patience, and who will provide him with some one on one attention. He requires a family who will ensure his educational needs are met. He is working on his math and science. Payton needs who will involve themselves in his education to help him succeed. He needs parents who will supervise him and redirect him as he learns and grows. He does best with frequent positive feedback for appropriate behaviors. He responds to a predictable and structured environment. Payton will do well with siblings of any age but preferably older children. He has only been around smaller pets, so larger animals will need to be introduced to him slowly. Payton's family needs to be ready to be outdoors playing often.

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