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Quanta from Texas



from Texas

Quanta is a friendly child who enjoys interacting with his peers. He can be quiet at first, but once he is warmed up, he can put a smile on anyone face! Quanta likes to joke around and laugh. He also enjoys helping others when in they are in need. Quanta favorite thing and biggest passion is playing basketball, and he would like to be a professional player someday. He also enjoys listening to music, drawing, and riding his bike. Quanta enjoys being on the computer and playing video games. He likes to cook while learning how to prepare different recipes. Quanta like to play with animals and doing outdoor activities such as running, camping, and fishing. He thrives off positive reinforcements and likes being encouraged to be himself. Quanta has a big heart and a big smile that can warm up any room!

Quanta will flourish in a forever family who provides a love, support, nurturing, patience, and care for him. Acceptance is essential to helping Quanta adjust into his forever family. A positive, patient, loving family who will reassure Quanta that it's okay to be a child and make him feel safe is ideal. Quanta needs security and stability to help establish a new foundation for success in his life. He will benefit from a family who will encourage him to experience new things and to reassure him that he has the support to do so.

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