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Richard from Texas



from Texas

Richard is an energetic, friendly, and active youth. He is outgoing and is always smiling. He loves people and is very social and enjoys meeting new people. Richard loves to be helpful to his peers and adult caregivers. Richard can be very silly around his peers and enjoys hanging out with them. Richard is learning to be more independent and to do certain tasks on his own. He likes to play with wrestling toys and watching Power Rangers; he especially enjoys watching wrestling shows. Richard enjoys going to the park and the playground. He enjoys listening and singing to music. He loves school, especially recess and lunch time. Richard loves to eat; some of his favorites are hot dogs, pizza, spaghetti. He will be a great addition to a loving forever family.

Richard will do well with a traditional two-parent family, as he wishes for both a mom and a dad. Richard will do well in a home that can provide him with a consistent and structured environment. His family will be patient with him in his daily activities and challenges. Richard will need a family who enjoys outdoor activities. Mostly, Richard will benefit from a family who can provide him with love, patience, and understanding.

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