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Richard from Texas



from Texas

Richard is a friendly, active, and joyful boy who loves to laugh. He is always doing or saying something funny. He is very close and attached to his younger sister and loves her very much. Richard loves animals, especially dogs. He is learning to become more independent and to do certain tasks on his own. Richard loves to eat. His favorite food is pizza. He also enjoys hot dogs, spaghetti, and French fries. His favorite activities include playing outdoors and watching cartoons as well as going to the park. Richard enjoys playing with Legos, balls, and riding the big tricycle at school. Richard's favorite school aspects are recess and lunch. One of the many things that makes Richard laugh is cartoons. Visit me at the San Antonio Heart Gallery.

Richard is anxiously awaiting his forever family! He will do best with a traditional family that consists of a mom and a dad. Richard will thrive in a home with a consistent and structured environment that will make him feel safe and wanted. He will benefit from a family who will encourage him to do the best he can in his daily activities. Richard needs a family who enjoys participating in outdoor activities and is patient in redirecting his struggles as well as a family who enjoys challenges.

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