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Ricky from Texas



from Texas

Ricky enjoys playing with dinosaurs and action figures. He is very active and loves playing outside. Ricky also enjoys looking up information on various reptiles and aquatic mammals. Ricky's favorite character is Optimus Prime. He likes to draw and insists that all colors match or look exactly the same as the model he's seen on TV or the internet. He likes making paper planes and other items. Ricky thrives on structure and a lot of redirection. Ricky can get distracted easily. He benefits from reminders and prompts to get back on tasks to focus. Ricky enjoys playing video games such as Mortal Kombat. Ricky loves to read and enjoys learning facts regarding sport cars. Overall, Ricky is a shy child but once he is comfortable, he is fun and friendly.

Ricky would like to join a home with a mother and father or two fathers. He would prefer to be the youngest child in the home. Ricky benefits from a structured home and caregivers.

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