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Robert from Texas



from Texas

Robert is a very kind and respectful youth. He enjoys hanging out with his friends outside and playing football or baseball with them. In Robert's downtime, he likes to collect football cards, as well as Pokemon cards. Robert enjoys spending time with his friends and foster family indoors and likes to play video games with everyone. He does very well in school and has good grades! He gets along well with his peers as well and likes to make others laugh. Robert hopes to explore space one day and work for NASA. He has big dreams of going to college to achieve this at Texas Tech University. One of Robert's wishes is to "be adopted by a good family." He is excited to have a family who will enjoy playing sports outside just as much as he does and who he can make laugh.

Robert would like his forever family to consist of a mother and father, and he would really like to have siblings in the home. He would prefer more brothers than sisters, but he believes that it is not important how many of each. Robert will benefit from a structured home environment that is on a consistent schedule. He will do better with stability and structure when it comes to his forever family. Having a home environment that will motivate him and help him with his homework assignments will be beneficial. Robert's forever family will be supportive of his future and motivate him to pursue his dreams.

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