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Robert from Texas



from Texas

Robert is a very active and energetic young boy. He likes to be called River. He is intelligent and loves to learn how things are built. He is passionate about talking about water towers, phone towers, or anything that has to do with building something. He likes to watch how man-made ponds are created. River enjoys playing with toys that involve building and putting things together. He is dedicated and is not afraid to keep working on something until he finds a solution. His favorite toys are Legos and marble runs. He enjoys any type of toy that includes marbles as he likes to watch them move. He always sleeps with his stuffed animals and has a whole bed full of them! His favorite stuffed animals are Marshall and Skye from Paw Patrol. He likes going bike riding, being outdoors, and playing at the park. You will find him sliding down all the slides at the park. He is a selective eater, but he does have a healthy appetite. His favorite breakfast is chocolate milk with chocolate Rice Krispies cereal. His favorite TV shows are Peppa Pig and Pup Academy. His all-time favorite movie is Home Alone. River can be affectionate at times and does like receiving and giving hugs.

River's forever family will offer him life-long commitment. His family will be very patient with his unique needs. River has a lot of love to offer a family. His family will demonstrate that they are committed to him throughout his life. River's forever family will be knowledgeable about accessing support services for him. His family with be able to offer him unconditional love.

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