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Roger from Texas



from Texas

Roger is a sweet and lovable young boy. He loves to give hugs and enjoys spending quality time with his those around him. Roger can build a quick rapport with individuals and loves getting to learn about new people. He has a very talkative personality and loves making other people laugh. His favorite color is red. Roger loves to watch television and really enjoys anything that is adventurous and action-packed. Some of his favorite shows are Legos Ninjago: Masters of the Spinjitzu and Power Rangers. Roger enjoys collecting and playing with small toy cars, especially Hot Wheels. He also likes keeping busy by doing arts and crafts. Roger is a self-confessed lover of food and he absolutely loves pepperoni pizza! Roger is ready to explore the culinary world around him!

Roger is looking for a loving and supportive family. He is hoping to find a forever mom and dad. Roger will do well in a family who enjoys being physically active. He is also hoping to find a family who shares his love for arts and crafts on a rainy day. Roger will thrive in a family where there are other children, as long as there is plenty of time for individual attention. If you're looking for lots of laughs and endless hugs, Roger is the perfect boy for you!

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