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Rosalinda from Texas



from Texas

Rosalinda is a sweet, active, athletic, and caring young girl. She is extremely athletic as she likes to play sports, spend time outside, play at parks, and enjoys the smell of fresh outdoors and flowers. She enjoys taking trips to local museums as she is fascinated by modern art and the different cultures that are displayed through a museum. Rosalinda enjoys shopping, make-up, personal and home fragrance, enjoys reading, and loves to socialize with other children. She thrives with other girls her age and would love to have younger and older siblings, as she has a soft spot for the idea of being an older sister to a younger child. Rosalinda would do well with a family that is very active and engaging with their community as well as participating in many recreational and family related activities and events.

Rosalinda's forever family will enjoy going out such as taking local trips to the park to play sports, taking local trips to the museum, enjoying live music at concerns, and overall being out with the community. She would benefit from a two person parent household and that has a big family as Rosalinda would like to have older and younger siblings, especially younger siblings as Rosalinda would love to be someone's big sister. Her family will be a strong family support who will encourage and support them in raising her. Rosalinda would love a family that travels around the country and world, as she is not a home body and thrives when being active and out about in the community.

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