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Rose from Texas



from Texas

Rose is a funny young lady who often makes jokes. She is a strong advocate for herself and is very open with her opinions, needs and wishes. She is animated about her interests and will discuss them with adults close to her. She does not prefer meat but does love a good cheeseburger. She also enjoys vegan meat substitutes for chicken. Rose likes music, arts and crafts and creating things. She is very independent and opinionated. She also enjoys fashion, makeup and socializing with others. Rose likes to shop and be out of the house but also enjoys staying in with a good movie. She does well in school and will thrive with guidance in her educational goals and life skills. She enjoys sports such as soccer. Rose will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Rose's forever family will be a close-knit family that likes to do a lot of activities together. Her forever family will enjoy doing a lot of outdoor activities. Rose will likely do best in a home where she is the only girl. Rose will thrive in an active home that is able to set and maintain boundaries. Rose's forever family will be patient and understanding and give plenty of time for Rose to bond with the family and adjust to her new home.

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