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Saphira from Texas



from Texas

Saphira is an easy going, shy and quiet young lady. Once she feels comfortable in her environment she will open up about her feelings and will talk about what is on her mind. Saphira is pleasant, kind and likes to be helpful. Saphira likes to go shopping for clothes and shoes. She also has a fondness for all kinds of accessories. She has a small collection of jewelry that she plans to expand. Saphira likes to listen to music, Billie Eilish is her favorite singer. Saphira is interested in playing an instrument in school. She played the flute in the past but has not had to opportunity to enroll in music. Her shyness keeps her from engaging her in activities. For comfort, Saphira likes to create art of all kinds. Saphira wants to be where she is wanted and comfortable.

It is Saphira's wish to be matched with a forever family but is not "picky" if they are a single or two parent family. Saphira asks that the family love her unconditionally and help her thrive in her new home. Saphira's family will help her cope with her loss of her biological family. A forever family for Saphira include those whom can be understanding of her background and help her maneuver young adulthood. Saphira's forever family will make sure she feels comfortable and loved. Her forever family will be nurturing, patient, understanding, and supportive. It is Saphira's hope that the family enjoy the same things in life that she does. Saphira is interested in bonding with a family and experiencing new activities with her forever family.

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