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Sarah from Texas



from Texas

Sarah is a sweet fun and loving pre-teen. She is filled with energy, and loves being in charge. She is a leader and is very adventurous. She has a very commanding personality and has no problem being social. Sarah enjoys spending time outside, swimming, doing arts and crafts, riding the bike, and listening to music. She recently participated in gardening and has been enjoying it. Sarah has a fun sense of humor and loves to joke around and make new friends. She recently picked up volleyball and is looking forward to perfecting her game. Sarah likes to wake up early even on weekends when she doesn't have school and watch television or participate in activities in or out of the home. She also enjoys going to the movies, parks, and restaurants. Sarah's favorite foods include tacos, beef enchiladas and pizza. She is also a big pet lover and loves dogs.

Sarah's forever family will provide her with the attention and direction she requires. Sarah will do well with a two-parent household, and minimal children, preferably older as she loves to look up to older siblings. Sarah's family will patient, loving, and energetic.

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