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Savontae from Texas



from Texas

Savontae is a very happy and playful youth. He has a positive demeanor and makes friends easily. He takes pleasure in assisting with household tasks and has developed a keen interest in both cooking and baking and anything to do with culinary arts. He has expressed becoming a chef or a baker in the future. Savontae also has a desire to join the school football team and specifically aims to be a running back. He loves being around pets and enjoys playing a game of fetch with dogs. Savontae likes watching cartoons, scary movies, comedy TV shows and anime. He enjoys joking with friends and caregivers and can create meaningful bonds with those he trusts. Savontae enjoys listening to Christian music and attending church services. He also likes to listen to rap and R&B music. Savontae excels in advocating for himself and effectively communicating with adults.

Savontae would do well in a two-parent home with siblings. His forever family will be one who is affectionate and understanding. His family will be structured and spontaneous at the same time. His family will be willing to learn with him as he grows through these pre-teen years. Savontae will thrive with a family who is active and always on the go.

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