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Scarlette from Texas



from Texas

Scarlette is a sweet girl who is as feisty as she is silly. She has a playful sense of humor but is not afraid to tell you when she is done playing around. She is non-verbal and works on expressing her desires with a speech board. Scarlette is a courageous and determined child that requires 24-hour care as she has been diagnosed with Deletion Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Global delay, Epilepsy, Vision concerns, Dystonia, Neuromuscular scoliosis, Central Apnea, and uses a G-Tube. She is able to form strong bonds with others and is accustomed to being around household pets. She loves being outside and basking in the sun on the deck! Scarlette predominately uses a wheelchair but is making strides in using a walker.

Scarlette's forever family will be well versed in her medical needs. Her family will be willing to research her needs and be available for frequent medical appointments and therapies. Scarlette loves being outside and around animals, so she would enjoy having pets.

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