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Seraphin from Texas



from Texas

Seraphin, who likes to be called Phin, describes himself as a "chill" youth who hopes for a family who will encourage his sense of independence. It takes him time to open up to others, and he is more relaxed with those who don't push him to talk about his feelings or to show physical affection. However, once an adult earns Phin's trust and proves to be trustworthy, he is fiercely loyal. Even though Phin can be introverted, he looks forward to meeting and spending quality time with others. Some of Phin's favorite pastimes include going out to eat, playing video games, reading, drawing, and playing on his tablet. Phin is direct in his approach to the world. He shares his points of view frankly and sometimes needs reminders to listen to those who share a different point of view. Phin is a good student who loves to learn.

Phin hopes for a home with both a mother and a father, and he is open to having siblings who are either a few years older or younger. Phin also hopes to find a family who likes going out to eat, play video games, hang out, and play board games. Phin needs a family who can respect his sense of space. He does not like to be hugged often and is more responsive to verbal affection. Phin benefits from consistent boundaries to help him learn he does not always need to be in control. Above all, Phin needs caregivers who are patient and loving and who can see through his behaviors to his heart that is eager to please.

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