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Silas from Texas



from Texas

Silas is an outgoing little boy. He has a diagnosis of nonverbal autism. Despite his diagnosis, he is resilient and continues to grow as he goes forward in his life journey. Silas is unstoppable and determined to complete tasks until they are finished. Although he cannot verbalize his needs and thoughts, he can point to or show you what he is attempting to relay. He responds best to physical touch and enjoys the attention of his caregivers, as most children do. Silas also responds best when he is in his routine and looks forward to its consistency. He loves school and is excited to ride the bus daily! He enjoys going on outings with his caregivers, especially shopping trips. Silas loves playing with his sensory farm and his kinetic sand!

Silas's forever family will provide him with love and stability for the rest of his life. Silas's diagnosis will require him to have lifelong caregivers who are committed and equipped to care for him. Silas's family will provide constant supervision and assistance in his everyday activities. Silas has so much love to give and can't wait to find a family to cuddle up on the couch with!

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