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Sophiee from Texas



from Texas

Sophiee is an extraverted, funny, happy, and friendly youth. She has positive relationships with her peers and is a nurturer who loves to take care of others. She loves country music, dancing, and youth choir. She has been a cheerleader in the past and loved it. Some of Sophiee's other interests include going on walks, swimming, singing, and shopping. Sophiee enjoys cooking and her favorite foods to eat are pizza, chicken, and ice cream. When she grows up, she wants to be a physician who cares for women and babies. Sophiee works hard in school and makes the A/B honor roll. She enjoys attending school and her favorite subject is math. She is also on the student council and helps with event planning. One of the recent events she helped with was their school dance. Sophiee stays busy and shows interest in many extracurriculars activities.

Sophiee's forever family will be one that is committed to her and open to bonding and creating a lasting relationship. She would thrive in a home where there are younger siblings as Sophiee is looking forward to being a big sister. Sophiee's forever family should be willing to support her academically, as Sophiee wants to be a doctor in the future.

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