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Tala from Texas



from Texas

Tala is a spirited and outgoing youth! She likes keeping busy and playing sports. Tala especially enjoys playing football and anything related to football. When not showing off her competitive side with sports, Tala likes to show her dance moves and singing talents. She is also happy to create works of art by painting and making arts and crafts. Like many children her age, she likes playing with make-up and trying new styles. Another activity Tala enjoys is building and racing RC cars. Tala benefits from reminders to say on task at times. She continues to practice being respectful and not needing to have the last word. Tala is learning how to live life one thing at a time and finding joy in everyday things. She participates in different supportive services to help her be her best. Tala is great at communicating and expressing how she is feeling to others. Tala is learning how to love herself for who she is!

Tala will benefit from a single mother or two-parent home who can spend time with her and be patient. She will thrive with additional attention from a motherly figure to help build her trust and self-esteem. A family who has structure and routines in place to guide her will be ideal. Her family will be active and provide activities for her to participate in. Tala will benefit from a family who is caring and open with her. She would also prefer a family with brothers, at least one of whom is older.

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