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Talon from Texas



from Texas

Talon is an intelligent youth. He may seem serious at times, but he has a comical side and is very clever. Talon enjoys Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and the Hobbit. He also enjoys reading comic books, go karting, and building models. Talon has an inquisitive personality and always wants to know more about a variety of subjects such as language, the arts and science. He also enjoys the challenge of completing a Rubix cube. Talon is a typical teenager in that he enjoys rock music and video games. He may also enjoy trying martial arts out. He has a creative side and likes to express his creativity through drawing. He has expressed an interest in learning to speak German to understand his cultural background. Talon also stated that learning other languages, like Spanish, would be good so that he can travel to other parts of the world. Talon enjoys being around pets and will be a great son to his forever family!

Talon needs an active family who will keep him busy in extracurricular activities, such as martial arts or some educational event. He is very intelligent, and his parents will need to work with him and his education. Talon needs an intellectual family who will support his interest and encourage him to continue his studies. He needs a patient family who will help him navigate peer relationships. They will need to take the time to teach Talon how to belong to a family and work through his past and model appropriate family relationships. His family will take the time to build their bond with Talon and get to know him one on one. Talon is starting to want his independence so his family will encourage him to engage in age appropriate independence while offering supervision.

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