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Talon from Texas



from Texas

Talon is a bright child who is extremely intelligent. He presents a serious countenance. He enjoys Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and the Hobbit. Talon also enjoys reading, working with Legos, and building models. He is quite comical and clever. Talon is inquisitive and will ask questions relating to a variety of subjects, like language, arts and science. He craves to learn and responds well to hands on activities. Talon is practicing self-regulation with his emotions. He enjoys rock music and video games. Talon may enjoy trying martial arts out. He has expressed an interest in learning to speak German to understand his cultural background. Talon also stated that learning other languages, like Spanish would be good so that he can travel to other parts of the world and to help him communicate with others. Talon enjoys being around pets.

Talon needs an active family who will keep him busy in extracurricular activities, such as martial arts. He needs a patient family who will help him work to reach his full potential. His family will also need to take the time to build their bond with Talon and show him affection.

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