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Tate from Texas



from Texas

Tate is curious about life and is looking for a family that is just as curious about life. He has an inquisitive mind and enjoys seeking and finding the answers to the questions in his heart, whether ranging from simple to complex. Tate desires a great place to be supported and grow up in his curious quest in life. He loves science and does well in school. He likes to see how things work and really enjoys experiments during science class. He loves the outdoors, bowling, going to the park, riding on go-karts, and swimming. Tate is one of the most unique and charismatic children you will ever meet. He is ready to find his forever home and for his new life adventure to begin.

Tate's forever family will communicates well and will patiently communicate with him the rules of the home, clear expectations, and why these expectations and rules are in place. Tate feels a need to understand more about the world around him and needs patient parents that can feel comfortable answering questions and communicating with a curious child like Tate. He would do well in a family that has children of his similar age or older. Tate will do well with either a single parent family or a dual-parent family. Tate's family will like the outdoors, as well as participating in outside of the home activities but that can tolerate or even embrace video gaming (which is one of Tate's favorite hobbies).

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