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Terrance from Texas



from Texas

Terrence is a happy child who loves to laugh, especially when tickled. He loves reading and playing football, kickball, or any other outdoor activity. His personality is big and vibrant and he loves to be the center of attention. He also enjoys being with his friends. Some of his favorite foods are hamburgers and pizza. He enjoys riding his bike and playing outside with others. Terrence dreams of being able to play sports and being involved in activities with other children his age. He hopes to find a family who will help him do these types of things. He would love to be adopted.

Terrence's forever family will patiently redirect and keep him focused on his talents and gifts. His forever family will be active and is able to help him feel like he is the center of attention in a healthy and appropriate way. Commitment, time, patience, consistency, structure, and fun are some of the important gifts he needs to find a place he can call home. His forever family will be skilled at helping him learn to cope and refocus when things don't go as he likes. He will need that special attention to help him manage the way he feels about himself and others at times.

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