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Terron from Texas



from Texas

Terron is a youth who has a great smile and can be shy at first, but when you get to know him he loves being goofy, joking around, and laughing. He enjoys playing all sports and videogames. Terron is a smart child who does well in school. At times, he may have a hard time expressing himself; however, he is not afraid to speak his mind and stand up for himself. Terron takes pride in dressing nicely. He is eager to find a family that will give him and his brother the opportunity to live together and support them as they grow up. Terron does prefer smaller groups; however, he is able to adapt to any situation. At times, Terron needs reminders to complete his chores as he would prefer to play outside or with videogames. Terron is an independent child, though he will ask for help and guidance when he needs it.

Tervon and Terron are two brothers who have a close relationship with one another and get along well. They enjoy being able to play sports and video games together. The brothers have similar interests, and both want to be professional athletes when they get older. Tervon does tend to take a parental role towards his younger brother, Terron, as he feels a sense of responsibility for him. Terron does not always like Tervon taking a parental role towards him and lets him know. However, the boys are very close and remaining together is very important to them. The brothers take pride in making sure their hair and clothes always look nice. These siblings are very close and hope to find a family that will love and care for both of them!

Terron will do best with a family who has patience with him and provides positive support. He needs to have consistency with schedules, structure, and firm boundaries in the home as well as at school. Terron will thrive in a home that will help him achieve his goals of whatever he may want to become when he gets older. His family will support his dreams and set appropriate boundaries as he gets older.

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