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Thomas from Texas



from Texas

Thomas is a very energetic, active and outgoing youth. He enjoys being outdoors, playing basketball, and playing video games. Thomas is a smart boy who tries to be very independent and likes to be in control. Although he is a friendly child, he is slow to warm up to new people, but once he does, he is full of smiles and jokes. Thomas continues to improve his social and relationship skills with others. Thomas is able to communicate his wants and needs without difficulty, and is not shy in expressing himself. He enjoys spicy snacks, such as hot Cheetos and Takis. Thomas enjoys being the center of attention when it suits him. He likes to go to new places and experience new things, but needs guidance and boundaries. Thomas is very active, he does not like to sit still for long periods unless he is playing games.

Thomas is anxiously awaiting his forever family! Thomas will do best with an experienced family who will be able to offer supervision, structure, and a loving environment. He needs patient caregivers to assist and guide him in strengthening his social and relationship skills. A family with no other children is preferred. He will also benefit from a stay at home parent, if possible. Thomas has an aunt who lives out of state who wishes to maintain contact and connection. He needs a family who is willing to assist with maintaining those connections. Thomas is open to possibilities outside of Texas and is very interested in California.

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