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Thomas from Texas



from Texas

Thomas is a friendly and outgoing young man, who is shy at first, until he gets to know you. Once he is comfortable with an individual, he will open-up to them. He holds family very close and believes that family is important in one's life. He likes to joke and play around with other youths his age, but also gets along with younger children. He does well at school and is able to make many friends. Thomas has friends that he keeps close to him as he feels they are good for his growth. He really enjoys playing sports such as football and basketball. Thomas also likes to participate in his school's athletics programs. Thomas enjoys being outdoors and when he isn't outside hiking, playing sports or just being active he enjoys watching TV or listening to music.

Thomas' forever family will be one that enjoys spending time outdoors and enjoys different activities. Thomas desires a family that is active and will encourage him to participate in the sports he enjoys. He wants to be able to make memories with his family while participating in activities together.

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