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Tyler from Texas



from Texas

Tyler is bright eyed child full of energy and who is an early riser. He loves to play outdoors, especially at the park where he play on the swings or shoot hoops with a basketball. Tyler will play with other children when shooting hoops, but he usually likes to keep himself occupied by playing with balls or spinning things in his hand. Tyler loves hearty meals and really enjoys going out to eat. His favorite foods are meats, cheese, and snacks at home. His favorite fast food is McDonald's. Tyler communicates and expresses himself through some sign language, facial expressions, sounds, and guiding the caregiver to his needs. He understands simple directives and follows caregivers' requests. He receives speech, occupational, and play therapy for additional support. Tyler has a love for classical music, which he finds calming. He prefers to be the one to initiate contact or affection, but he loves high fives and fist bumps. Tyler is a friendly child who likes to have his personal space. Tyler smiles when praised and attempts to please those around him. Tyler benefits from having a schedule and his days mapped out for him.

Tyler needs a loving family who will meet his needs and be patient and understanding. His family will put in the effort and time to help him become his best self. Tyler has not been in a home with animals so it is unknown how he will react to a pet.

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