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Unique from Texas



from Texas

Unique is a talkative and outgoing youth. She describes herself as sweet, caring and kind. Unique enjoys singing, cooking, and going shopping for food, clothes, and shoes. She has cute facial dimples and a smile that leaves a lasting impression. Becoming a singer and dancer is not only Unique's passion and aspiration, but also an obvious talent of hers. She has a strong love and attachment to family. Getting to spend time playing with others is important to Unique; however she also enjoys getting her alone time and space. Unique loves outdoor activities. Some of her favorites include bike riding, basketball, skating, and swimming. She has expressed a special love for cooking and shopping. Unique is described as a little fashionista with her fancy dresses and hairstyles. She understands the importance of education, and does well in school, but school is not a favorite thing. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the North Texas.

Unique has expressed a strong love for teacup poodles, so a home that has pets would be a great tool for her. She will benefit from a family who encourages extracurricular activities to help bolster her skills and self-esteem, and help develop her social peer relationships. She expressed she would like an adoptive family who is loving, caring, sensitive, and open to her wanting to remain in communication with her younger brother, who is not a part of this adoption.

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