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Vincent from Texas



from Texas

Vincent is the eldest of his siblings, he takes his role as a big brother seriously and is observant of his younger siblings. He is a gamer in the making and a big time movie buff! Vincent enjoys playing outdoor sports, such as baseball or basketball, and games with good company. Vincent also enjoys swimming. He is an outgoing and intelligent child who enjoys taking part in new activities. Vincent wears his heart on his sleeve and isn't scared to talk about what is on his mind. He is wise beyond his years and values having time alone to think occasionally.

Vincent being the oldest of the bunch is the leader of the group. He has a special bond with Ermelinda as they are close in age and can have serious talks. Vincent and Ermelinda enjoy looking after their younger siblings to ensure their needs are met. Bianca is the playful one who likes to lead adventures and always has the biggest opinion in the group. Micheal is the life of the group and loves having all his siblings around. He finds comfort in knowing they are looking after him. They enjoy playing tag together and look forward to holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving as a family, or even a Friday night pizza dinner together. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of South Texas.

The family who will best meet Vincent's needs will be patient, loving, nurturing, and active. His family must be willing to adopt him and his siblings together. The family best suited for Vincent will have a high amount of structure. Ideally, his family will be active and keep him engaged in organized extracurricular activities, such as sports. Of course, love is at the top of his list when looking for a forever family. He would love to celebrate holidays and have family time.

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