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Violetta from Texas



from Texas

Violetta, who prefers to go by V, is a creative teen with a flair for the dramatic. Unique and with her own sense of style, she enjoys make-up application and doing her nails. Her creativity also manifests itself in her composition of songs to play on her ukulele. V enjoys listening to music and watching videos online. She loves Nirvana but explores all genres of music. V has a good sense of humor and gets a laugh from humorous videos. Like most teenagers, her cell phone is her most important possession! V is an animal lover, and she has a special fondness for cats. During a recent winter storm, V constructed a shelter with warm blankets for stray cats in the area because she couldn't bear to think of them in the freezing temperatures. Her caring and generous heart applies to people as well as animals. She describes herself as "loyal" and passionate about helping others. She acknowledges that she is more likely to help others than to do things for herself. V has recently decided that she would like to become an attorney, probably practicing family law. She is an articulate advocate and has a strong sense of social justice. V finds most classes easy because she is very intelligent. With her new goal of becoming a lawyer, she is excited about her education and her future.

Open to love and to being loved, V wishes for a forever family that will accept and celebrate her unique personality. She would enjoy having siblings, and of course, a cat! It is important to her that her family is open-minded. She herself is open to different configurations of families, with an understanding that the most important aspect of a home is the unconditional love within it. V is looking toward adulthood but still needs a family who will guide her through the complexities of adolescence. Her family will balance acceptance and love with consistent boundaries and clear expectations. They will recognize her accomplishments with praise and will help to bolster her self-esteem. V offers a caring and open heart, and she is sure to bring excitement and humor to her forever family!

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