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Virgil from Texas



from Texas

Virgil is a teen who loves Lego's, Bakugans, and reading comics. He especially loves Spidey Verse comics. Virgil would like to attend a Comic-Con event. He also enjoys watching the Marvel movies and collecting the action figures. Virgil is talented in assembling Legos and making his own designs later. He is very good with hands on projects. Virgil enjoys working with electronics as well. He also enjoys being outdoors, doing activities such as fishing, playing basketball, catch with his football, and playing soccer. Virgil does well in school, but he benefits from reminders to stay on task and to complete his homework. He gets along with other youth well and enjoys social interaction. Some of Virgil's favorite foods are pizza, hamburgers, and going to buffets where he can choose a variety of foods. Virgil is a soft-spoken youth who thinks before he speaks.

Virgil is interested in having a family who has a balance of structure and is calm in their communication. His family will love him unconditionally and give him time to process his thoughts when engaging in conversation. Virgil will benefit best from a family who practices patience and consistency daily. He will benefit from careful supervision and his family will provide him the time to build trust with other adults and youth. Virgil needs a family who will set attainable goals and help him reach those goals. His family will commit to honest conversations about situations and spend one on one time with him. Virgil likes animals, especially dogs and cats.

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