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Vivian from Texas



from Texas

Vivian is a sweet and spunky girl. She likes getting to be silly and make people laugh.She is very friendly and loves to talk and tell others about herself and her likes. She is a bit of a busybody and will get distracted easily from tasks. She enjoys all things girly such as getting her hair done, painting her nails, writing in a diary, and getting to play dress up. Vivian also can trade her dresses for sneakers as she loves getting to do outdoor activities like camping, swimming, bike riding, and hiking. Vivian loves art and is very creative. She enjoys drawing. Vivian loves to be the center of attention. Vivian can make friends, but she really struggles with getting along with other kids her age. Vivian does best on a one-on-one setting. She requires a lot of structure, patience, and understanding. She is a talkative and happy child but can also be shy at first with new people. She is very proud of herself when she is praised for making good choices and loves receiving positive reinforcement for a job well done.

Vivian is a very sweet girl who would be best placed with a family who can provide her plenty of attention, love, and care as she thrives when she has one on one attention. Vivian would do best in a two-parent household as an only child. Vivian does best with a strong role model that is consistent with the rules. Vivian's future caregiver would need to be patient because she requires being prompted several times before she does what is asked of her. Vivian would like a family that would spend time with her and not give up on her. Her forever family will spend one on one time with her doing all kinds of activities. A family that is active and enjoys camping, fishing, sports or any family activities outside of the home that would also be a benefit to her. Vivian's forever family will be consistent with their discipline and patient with her while she is adjusting to a new setting and boundaries. She responds well with redirection and positive reinforcement.

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