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William from Texas



from Texas

William is a sweet and sensitive child. He is kind and honest about his thoughts and feelings. William loves cars and video games. Superheroes are one of Williams's all-time top interests. He really likes Marvel and DC comics, as well as superhero movies. William has written short stories that are full of action. He enjoys many activities, such as Boy Scouts, listening to music, attending church groups, watching movies, and skateboarding. William also likes being outdoors, riding his bike or camping. He responds best by receiving positive reinforcement when he does things well. William likes constructive feedback, so that he can learn and make appropriate changes. William says he can seem serious to most, but he is a very happy child every day.

William needs a patient family who will redirect him when needed. He looks forward to learning new things with his family. William's family will show him he is valued and smart. His family will provide positive support to help him thrive and to reach his full potential. His family will encourage him just "to be a kid." He tends to become close with female caregivers initially, but he will also do well with a father figure in his life.

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