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Ymani from Texas



from Texas

Ymani is a sweet, helpful and active little girl who loves life and enjoys giving love. Her smiles are genuinely animated, sparkling and shining from some reservoir of joy within. She greets with an enthusiasm that captures the attention and lifts and floats about like jubilant breeze. She seems to be a naturally good natured and friendly girl. She pours all her happy feelings into dancing, singing, playing outside, having fun, and discovering the world. She loves to bring others together spontaneously in joining her in performing gymnastics, cartwheels and cheerleading. She has an honesty about her that is sometimes unexpected and wise. Ymani listens to guidance and instruction when time is taken to explain to her and she feels is coming from a good place. She is a child who needs a lot of individual, one on one attention and unconditional love. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Ymani's forever family will set consistent boundaries and stick to them. Her forever family will be patient parents who will advocate for her, and have time to give her plenty of one on one attention. She will require a very structured home that offers well-defined rules. She is self-assured and independent and will test boundaries. Her family will participate proactively in her education and make sure she has all the help she needs to stay on track academically and feel her own success. Her forever family will ensure that all of her needs are being met.

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