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Zachary from Texas



from Texas

Zachary is an energetic boy. He is not shy and likes getting to know people. He is outspoken and respectful. His hobbies include working on puzzles, reading, and playing video games. Zachary also enjoys watching TV and listening to music. He also likes to sing and make up his own songs. Some of Zachary's favorite foods include pizza, Mexican food and chicken nuggets. Zachary would like to have his own garden and his goal is to one day become a botanist. Zachary is friendly and gets along well with his peers. He tries to maintain a positive attitude. He likes to be outdoors and enjoys going to the park. Zachery also enjoys arts and crafts, writing, and drawing. Comedy shows and watching people be silly makes Zachary laugh.

Zachary's forever family will be one who has an active lifestyle, since he is an active and energetic child. He will do well with a family who is active and will play outdoors with him. Zachery will thrive in a two-parent home with structure and a consistent atmosphere. Zachery's forever family will be a loving, nurturing, and patient family who will be understanding of his needs. Zachary's family will show him lots of love and affection and encourage him to reach his goals. He would like to have a mom and dad who will praise him when he does well or makes good choices.

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