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Zaine from Texas



from Texas

Zaine is a very energetic, outgoing, loving young boy who loves to give a lot of hugs and likes to cuddle. He is a happy boy who loves to explore the outdoors. Zaine enjoys going to parks, finding rocks, fishing and swimming. He likes engaging in simple, silly activities like touching his nose with his tongue and making funny faces in the mirror. He loves listening to classical music to calm the atmosphere when transitioning to the next activity. He loves to watch movies and cartoons and play with his toys. Zaine is very curious and loves to learn new things. He is learning to communicate through alternative methods such as sign language. Zaine will be a great addition to a loving, nurturing and caring forever family.

Zaine's family will be patient during the transition period into their home and provide him time to adjust to his new surroundings. His family will need to be open to implementing a variety of different techniques and approaches while determining what works best for Zaine in their home. Zaine will benefit from a family who maintains a consistent schedule. Having a family who has a strong network of friends and/or relatives will be beneficial to Zaine. His family will seek and access any needed support in their area of residence. Zaine's family will provide him with lots of love, understanding, and patience. Zaine does best with a consistent routine throughout the day and when learning new skills. He does very well with consistency in helping maintain his behaviors. To feel safe and secure, he will always need adults nearby to assist him.

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