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Zebadiah from Texas



from Texas

Zebadiah is an active and playful child, who likes being called by his nickname "Zeb." He has a sweet personality, enjoys receiving physical affection, and seeks attention from those he is close to. Zeb is also introspective and an animal lover who knows how to be gentle and kind with pets. He has a lot of energy and is outgoing. Zeb is working on his goal of making more friends and being a good friend. He loves to receive praise and positive attention. Zeb enjoys playing outdoors, riding bikes, playing basketball or video games, and taking care of animals. He likes superheroes and loves to play with Lego's. His hobbies include art, rock collecting, and building things. Zeb's favorite foods are nachos and sloppy Joes. At school, he prefers math, reading, and PE. Some things that make him laugh are being tickled, pranks, funny faces, and dogs barking.

Zeb's ideal family would consists of a mom and dad who have firm roles in the family to set an example for him. If siblings are a part of his family, it is best if they are several years older. Zeb will benefit from older siblings who are supportive in helping him adjust to being in a family and act to model positive behavior and choices for him. His family will give him the consistency of love and support that a child his age requires.

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