I traveled the country this past week, from coast to coast, to speak on behalf of people who are living the adoption and foster care experience. Sharing my own story, as an adoptee, and the wisdom I’ve learned along the way. It was a true honor to connect with so many amazing hearts.
I was encouraged to see adoptees rising up to share their personal viewpoints and their journeys. This is critical! Without adoptee voices, this adoption and foster care community is not fully represented.
I was equally encouraged to witness so many professionals, who work in the field of adoption and foster care, ready to listen and to hear the adoptee perspective. It struck me just how much they need adoptees to open up and bear light to what has, historically, been held in the dark.
I recently heard from a woman, on social media, whose grandmother was an adoptee. She shared that her grandmother passed away with unresolved pain and unanswered questions, directly associated with her adoption.
She added how healing it would have been for her grandmother to know that she wasn’t alone. It’s this very sentiment that fuels the work I do today.
We’re not alone. Adoptees should never feel isolated. Yet, for years, far too many have.
Today, adoptees are uniting and rising! I believe we’re at an exciting and transformational turning point.
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