I am laica I lived in Philippines and I’m 15 years old I’m a dancer and that’s why my fathers hate me my family and i is complicated they really hate me and I don’t know why I didn’t even do something bad I am always at my room all the time just reading some books I really love reading books ,and whenever they call or they want something they always shout at me and even hurts you for no reason I’ve been a heart broke by my family they never care for me and I’ve never ever felt a love from them whenever I get sick they just gonna laugh at me and says , “aww look at you now your dying “ and just laugh again and I was hoping all the time that they would care for me someday but I was wrong my hopes are not gonna work because they throw me already and I’m alone right now ,and I’m totally fine without them ,.
I’m looking for a parents to adopt me and feel what love is from a family, I want to start my new life with you and to be reborn again and feel what love is .
If you are interested to adopt me just contact me
Have a good day
It is a very good and unique idea
Thank you for sharing with us. It helps me a lot in solving my problems