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I am going to need to write one of these but I'm not sure what they want me to write. I don't want to put a bunch of insignificant stuff in there and turn it into a novel lol, but I don't want to leave out the relevant stuff either. Can anyone give me any tips for writing my autobiography? Can I find a few examples anywhere?
Do they want it to be more like a timeline or a story?
We had a guide for writing our life history.
Here is how ours went:
1. Your family: Describe the family you grew up with. What was your father like? Your mother? Siblings? Your home? Important memories? Family crisis and how it was handled?
2. Family Relationships: Describe your parents as a couple. What kind of marriage did they have? What did they agree/ disagree about? How did they handle money and discipline? In what ways do you hope to be like them? What things would you do differently? Explain how divorces affected you.
3. Growing up: Describe the community in which you grew up. Favorite hobbies growing up. What was school like for you? Favorite subjects? Least favorite? What kinds of friends did you have? How much did you date? Did you experience abuse and neglect?
4. Courtship and Marriage: What attracted you to your husband or wife? Describe your wedding. What adjustments did you have to make following marriage? How were your families alike or different? What problems did you overcome since getting married? How has marriage changed you? What do you like most about your spouse? Least? Describe the process of decision making in your marriage. If you have been married previously, describe that marriage and the reasons you are no longer together. If there were any children from this marriage, describe your relationship and obligations to them.
5. Children: What are your children like? Experience with children? What do you expect from your children? How will a child affect your home life and social life? How will it effect your relationship with your present children?
6. Religion: What influence has religion had on your life? How do you plan to help your child develop a moral/ethical/religious value system?
7. Employment: employment history? current job? Benefits? What do you like about your job? Dislike? Job security? Childcare plans?
8. General: Looking back, what people, places, or events had the most influence on your life? Goals? Things you do for fun? What do you like most about yourself? Least?
Having the handout really helped us. They just want to know as much about you as possible. Sorry that was so long!
I don't know for absolutely sure (because we haven't started training yet) but according to a girl I met who has, our autobiographies are in "form" form. :) It's a 10 page form with questions. Something like, "Describe your childhood." Our SW was clear that the more detailed, specific and long-winded the better. If you don't include everything in there or are too general (as in answering "fine" or "pretty good") it will just take longer because they will have to get that info from you later.
If they didn't give you an outline or template I would start a file on the computer. Start with your childhood and come forward. Mention school, college, occupation, spouse, family, friends (in whatever order they occured). This date sequential format gives you a guide to work from, some bones to hang the meat on. Whenever you think of something new, go back and add it in. Be sure to include why you want to foster/adopt, what you have to offer, your experience with children. Most importantly just be honest. It will come to you if you are.
I spent DAYS working on mine.. getting our life and personalities in it.. the written one she gave back was so bland. BUT if you want mine to look through and see how I did it... she did say mine was one of the best she had read (whole lot of good it did us, when she took out all the good junk). PM me your email and I can send it.
Best of luck... I found the autobiography much harder than the rest of the home study.
I just started from birth to today and typed it all up. It was about 6 pages when all done but they really liked it. I can email it to you if you like.
I know in my husband's he had a rough life but turned it around when he joined the Navy at 17 (to get away from the drugs, etc...) and he made sure to put that in there. He was so worried about his childhood but I told him to look at it as an accomplishment. He's come very far from where his other siblings and parents are now.
Thank you so much, that was very helpful!
One last question, should I just start now writing it up, or should I wait for them to give me some kind of form (hopefully) next week at the homestudy? I would like to have everything possible already done so it will go that much faster. Thanks again!
I am having the same problem as the OP. I have been staring at a blank computer screen for a month now not knowing what to write. If anyone would be willing to send me their sample forms or autobiographies, I would really appreciate it. My email address is Thanks!