has any one heard that the 10 day wait is changing to a 30 day wait??
i am hearing rumors that this may happen and am curious if anyone else is hearing this
I am hearing that they are looking at applying it to other court rulings, but not likely it will apply to adoption.
It would be nice if it didn't apply to adoptions, but that's not what I'm hearing. It supposedly applies to all civil cases. Next week, we should know more and I'll post what happens with us.
A couple adopting through our agency just had their court date today in our region. They were told they have a 30 day wait period (still not certain whether or not it's calendar or business days). Their daughter has pretty major medical issues, and the judge did not waive the waiting period. She (the judge) said she had to follow the new laws that were put in place in Russia. Sorry for the sad news. My husband and I were not too surprised, but it's still hard to accept the fact that we won't be able to bring the boys home during our next trip. We're still waiting for our court date to be set.
Same here. A couple that went to a different region from ours had court and were told the 30 day wait was over on the same date one month later. So in their case, it was not business days, but calendar days.
It's my understanding that the wait hasn't been waived for medical issues in quite some time.
We're just praying that the wait is 30 calendar days in our region as well.
I also heard that officials didn't really think about how this would affect adoptions when they changed the waiting period. They changed it for all civil cases and didn't really think about adoptions at the time.
We had court this week. It sounds like our wait is calendar days rather than business days. In court they said the decree would be issued 30 days from that day. Our in country facilitators said we'd probably go back in 40 days though because they will begin some of the paperwork before we get there. Once I hear a firm date, I'll post.
Thanks K8c. That's what I said when they said it would be about 40 days. But it sounds like they will go ahead and do the birth certificate and adoption certificate before we get there so that we don't have to wait on those in country. We'll see. I'm just hoping they tell us a date soon so we can get better seats on the plane. :-) Doing that journey 3 times is so hard!
The new 30 day wait rule is not only for international adoptions. It applies to in-country adoptions too. The only difference, Russian families can take custody of the child right after court and get the adoption decree in the mail 30 days later. And foreign families don't have this option.
So I don't think it has anything to do with bi-lateral agreement or international adoptions in general. In any case it makes the process even more difficult!
Just thought that I would add that our agency has "confirmed" that the 30 day wait is 30 calendar days, and beginning in January, they now inform all new adoptive parents that 3 trips are required for Russian adoptions, unless they prefer to stay in country for a month.
We had court (in Kazan, Tatarstan) on 2/27. There was a 30 day wait expected, but the judge waived it for medical reasons. We were thrilled and rearranged everything to leave the following week with our son. HOWEVER, when our facilitator went to the court to pick up the official stamped decree the following week she was told that we would not be able to leave with him as, even though the judge waived the wait, the Ministry would not waive the 30 days appeal period, and we could not leave with him until that had passed. What's more, we could not even take custody of him in country, even though the court had named us as parents. So, he sits in the orphanage, waiting for us to return on a third trip (due to leave next Sunday), and it's been all over the news today that parliament is calling for a halt to US adoptions. If you are in-process of a Russian adoption, have patience and strength and good luck. If you are considering one, I'm not sure I'd recommend it at the moment.
We were also told 30 calendar days. Ours is turning out to be nearly 45 calendar days before going back though so that facilitators can begin paperwork, etc. Plus, I think the upcoming holiday on the 23rd and 24th will push our decree back to be issued on the 27th.