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My wife and I live in central FL (Lakeland) and are looking to adopt an infant/newborn. We are early inthe process and are a bit overwhelmed. It seems there are an abundance of agencies/attorneys to use. I am interested in using someone that is reputable, but honestly we don't have a ton of money to pay for an adoption.
Does anyone have any recommendations of agencies or attorneys in the Central Florida area? Or anywhere in FL if its worth the drive.
It seems like without a referral or recommendation from someone that deciding which route to go can be very daunting.
Feel free to e-mail me at and thanks so much for your help!!
Hi there. Please call us. We are not far from you. Our office is in Brooksville, FL. We are in need of adoptive parents and can answer all your questions and walk beside you on your adoption journey. Our web site is [url=]Angels of Love Adoption -[/url]. You can call us at 352-585-9988 or 888-944-ANGEL. We hope to hear from you! We can do your home study and our fees are not anywhere near what other agencies charge as we are much lower.
I am in the same situation and am looking for an attorney. I met a birth mother through another person and I live in Texas. I am in contact with her and we came to Florida to meet her this month. We thought we could use our attorney in Texas to prepare all of our paperwork but complete the adoption in Florida, but we were told today that we cannot use an attorney out of state. The fees for our lawyer in Texas were about 2500.00-3,000.00. Any attorney I called today was 9-10,000.00, which we do not have. Most of these lawyers were affiliated with agencies. I am looking for any referrals to family law attorneys that handle adoptions and can help us with the Interstate Compact paperwork as well, to make our experience go as smoothly as possible at a lower cost.