I haven't had much of a joyful family life, both my biological parents were controlling and abusive, I never had a chance to enjoy my childhood.
I'm looking for a family who will adopt me and love me unconditionally.
A brother/sister, a mother, a father with/without pets.
I am from North East of England in the UK.
I don't know if this site is LGBT friendly, but I was born female and identify as "male", aka Female-to-Male Transgender Man.
I like going out and seeing movies, playing sports, reading, cooking, gardening.
Let me know if you are interested in adding me into your family.
Hi Andrew, how are you? I hope this message finds you well. I was interested to read your post, are you still in search of a family? My husband and I are from Yorkshire in the UK. I'm not sure if age is an issue for you, but we are 30 and 38, so if that's too young, I totally understand. I'd really enjoy chatting some more and getting to know each other, though, if that's something you'd like. Ok thank you, and have a great day.
Hannah Walker
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Hi, thank you for your reply to my post. You and your husband are not too young, I would be happy to get to know the two of you. I sent you a friend request on here as I couldn't send you a message. PM me your email address if you have one.