I am 26 years old female, living in Boston. There is nothing special about me, I am straight, I have extremely good education with very good career prospects, I am hard working. I don't have bad habbits (no drinking/no smoking/no drugs). There is one issue -- I do not have a family (except one person living far far away). I am really jealous seeing people traveling and enjoying their time with parents and siblings and visiting extended family. They always talk, support each other. They feel that they have support system, close people that will always help and listen. I do not have this, but I would really want to.
I have no idea if it is even possible to have in my age, but well.. who knows? Maybe there is a miracle. Maybe there is some lonely couple that either never had kids or lost them or lost connection with them. Maybe there is a single lady who does not have kids (or maybe don't have close connections to them) who would like to have someone she can build close trusting connection.
What I am NOT looking for:
-- single males
-- any form of scam
-- addicted people / people who had or have issues with law
-- people with mental disorders
What I am looking for:
-- very kind, mentally stable, lonely people (or people with unclaimed love in their heart!) with best intentions in their mind!
From myself -- i am not looking for any monetary or other benefits and I am not gonna provide them unless I build with someone long lasting relationships that are proven by time!
Pls email
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