My name is Maryam I'm 19 years old I live in Saudi Arabia but I'm from Yemen I'm here to find someone who can adopt me and take out of this place.
I've been struggling with my current family since I was a child my dad was Very violent he'd hit me every single time till I bleed if I do something unpleasant or he don't like or think its wrong (when it's not) I've been suffering from a Chronic depression, social anxiety and (C-PTSD) its really hard for me to keep breathing in here I feel like I am in prison it's suffocating I don't go outside for months i can't go to college or continue my studies this website is my last hope I don't need anything i just want to escape and start over new, I deserve better than this I have big dreams I'd like to be treated as a human being for once and find happiness someday.
Actually I'm writing this while thinking of killing myself cuz I've got no hope lift for me here..
I wish someone could help me out and i promise to return the favor someday.
If you can help me please contact me on my email
You're my last hope, Thank you very much.